The Cheese

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We currently make three styles of aged, Raw-milk cheese.

Vachetta Alpina: 

made with a classic alpine mountain technique and conditioned with white wine.


a mountain tomme with influences from Spain and Italy. The rind is conditioned with white wine then develops a natural covering of molds.


We use a classic Dutch technique to make this buttery, sweet cheese. The rind is conditioned with olive oil.



Seasonally, we make two varieties of soft-ripened cheese.


Our decadent bloomy-rind cheese is made with a technique similar to Camembert. it is made with full fat "grassmilk" from Spring until our cows come off pasture in November.

Rusted Route:

This pleasantly pungent wash-rind cheese develops a pinkish-orange rind with blue/gray mottling from our natural cave flora. 




Tangled Up in Blue:

Our Raw-milk, French-style blue has a natural rind and is made in the classic "Fourme" (cylindrical) shape. The blue flavor is mild, and surrounded by plenty of barn-y, brine-y flavors. Aged from 3-5 months.


We make a variety of fresh, pasteurized cheeses for all culinary adventurers! Philly Fromage ('smear'), Curds, Organic Butter, and Feta.