This year we are small batching a variety of Tommes as we develop recipes and try new affinage techniques. In essence our Tomme is a basic raw milk cheese that is made simply, aged briefly, and intended to reflect the terroir of our herd and pasture. Despite various treatments, we often finish in our natural environment where the rind goes wild with the flora of our "aging cave". When you order this product expect a piece or whatever batch is ready for market!

We often label these cheeses as "Mr. Tomme's Wild Rind" which is a "dad joke"-level play on words of our favorite childhood Disney ride.  

Past Projects:

HEMP: We rubbed a raw Tomme with a slurry of organic hemp seed oil and dank nugs from Wild Fox Farm CBD hemp strains (no the CBD isn’t active). Then the rind goes wild as it aged for 5-months. NOTES: Semi-firm, nutty, buttery, fruity, mildly dank.

WINE: We soaked our Tomme in Cab Franc grape skins from a neighboring winery. Aged 3-months. NOTES: Semi-firm, wine/fruit aroma, salty, mild sharpness. 

BEER: Washed in a litany of local beers, chosen specifically based on our weekend drinking desires, we washed our rinds early on then left them to the wilds for a month or two. 

Farmhouse Tomme


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