Almost there!

Our next batch of pastured-pork Salami is almost ready. Can you help us bring it home?...

Last year, many of you enjoyed our traditionally-cured charcuterie which, though a new product, was literally years in the making. Now, our 2021 batch of pastured-pork Salami is almost ready. Can you help us bring it home?


Like many agriculture-based businesses we run into cash crunches from time to time as big bills come due. The seasonal nature of what we do means putting out lots of money long before we have something to offer you. This is extra true of a young, growing business.


(The vegetable farming community evolved a CSA model, or "community supported agriculture", to address these challenges by paying a farmer at the beginning of the season for a share of their harvest throughout the year.) 

Well, the farm-to-table development of a traditionally-cured salami has a timeline far longer than even that of a full vegetable season.  Would you believe that for the products we'll be getting this June (2021) we started spending money to raise our hogs last APRIL (2020)!? And we're still not done, which is where we need you! 


We're in the final stretch, and our current charcuterie batch will be ready soon. It would really save our bacon if you could PRE-ORDER your yummy salami now! 


Our heritage breed hogs were raised on pasture. They were fed soy-free, organic grains, and whey from our cheesemaking. They truly had their best life full of dirt, sunshine, fresh air, and good food.

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This year we are producing an Italian Truffle Salami and a whole-muscle "Lonza" which is prepared from the loin. Of course, the traditional French-style Saucisson Sec will be returning for those of you who fell in love.