Steve Dougherty and Reuben DeMaster

are the owners and operators of Haven Farmstead Table. Reuben has been raising animals and vegetable crops for a decade on his diversified, organic-methods farm. Steven Dougherty, a Lehigh Valley, PA native, is a food entrepreneur and cheesemaker. In 2018 they built a dairy operation and cheese kitchen on the grounds of Willow Haven Farm, where Reuben and his family live. 

To learn more about the origins of Haven Farmstead and its goals for the future, please listen to this brief interview

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Haven Farmstead Table is driven by the desire to make world-class cheese from the highest-quality, and healthiest, milk. That means we are committed to raising cows using organic and pasture-based methods as a guide. We believe there is no compromise between deliciousness and nutrition. Those two elements are at the heart of quality and at the heart of what we strive for in our food.


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